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Bonus One:  The Seven Rays of Light and Sound. 
The Rays expand esoteric power; the utilization of their energies guides students to the fascinating world of co-creation. A restorative and sacred journey, where the soul encounters the inherent blueprint of perfection, begins with study of this venerated science. Knowledge and application of the Seven Rays can emancipate an individual from third-dimensional restraints and transform consciousness into the expanded experiences of the super senses: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spontaneous healing, and Unity Consciousness.

Bonus Two: The Golden Age of Kali Yuga
THE “TIME OF TRANSITION” – a twelve-year period where humanity would experience tremendous growth in spirituality and knowledge that would transform personally and globally. This period was replaced in the year 2000 with the “Time of Testing,” a seven to twenty-year period where economies and societies would encounter instability and insecurities. These years will also mark a period of spiritual growth for humanity where brotherly love and compassion will play a key role in the development of Earth’s civilizations as we globally move toward “The Age of Cooperation.”

​Enjoy clear explanations about the roles of minds, bodies, chakras, and sounds. Do you have questions about freewill, collective thought, and cooperation​?

"I consider Lori Toye to be a prophet and the real McCoy." - Art Bell, 
Coast to Coast Radio Host

As a young mother and farm wife, Lori Toye led a conventional life in the Northwest and was totally unprepared and surprised when spiritual teachers appeared and chose her to deliver the messages of Earth Changes and the coming New Times.

That was more than 20 years ago, and since then, Lori has led this movement and published the first Earth Changes Map of the United States.

More importantly, her prophetic wisdom and insight has explored the link between these drastic changes and human consciousness.

Her life is now devoted to delivering the messages she has been entrusted with. Her new book, Sisters of the Flame, is the second in a trilogy, which began with A Teacher Appears.

"Sisters" continues the story of Lori's personal life and her spiritual awakening fostered by her trance sessions with Master Teachers. And it contains important messages and lessons for all of us. It is sent with the love and wisdom available to all of us from the beings that guide and watch over us.


A Teacher Appears offers fifty-one small but simple channeled lessons about Earth Change and humanity's opportunity to open to and accept the I AM Presence--your individualized of God. All it requires is inspiration, appreciation, love, and a good teacher

Integrating with our higher self, 
the I Am Presence, gives us the free movement necessary to be who we really are and to allow others to be who they are and avert cataclysmic earth changes."​


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The Emerging Teacher
By Hunt Henion 

The author's teachers suddenly appeared to her for the first time like a flash of light. However, her story of what happened next reveals how true wisdom, and the teacher within each of us, actually emerges slowly over time - and only if we pay attention. Lori Toye's new book takes us back to the beginnings of her spiritual journey and includes insights that have never been disclosed in any of her previous books or writings.

She was just a girl of 22, who knew nothing about meditation or spiritual masters, when in 1983 guys in white robes began appearing to her in the middle of the night, talking about global issues and giving her visions about the probable future. She wrote it all down, shared it with the public, and ended up creating the very popular "I Am America" organization around those prophesies - and around the idea that I/we are all responsible for our country and the world.

Now, 30 years later, the urgency to the get the most important information out has subsided, and Lori has gone back to peruse and ponder these early messages from the masters. She tells me that this is the first of three books that recounts untold details of her personal experience. A Teacher Appears also reveals more of the big picture perspective that was often obscured by all the flashy predictions that everyone was anxious to hear. The next two books in the trilogy will complete that perspective, telling the story that the author simply couldn't have told back when she was a girl of 22 and new to all this.

The idea that there is a divine plan for our world is a big part of the perspective Toye explains so clearly. She also relays her knowledge that the ascended masters are here to help. The fact that they want us to each do our part is also part of that picture her new book paints more clearly.

These, and other newly revealed insights, demonstrate that the shocked and surprised Toye of 22 has emerged and matured into her own spiritual teacher. Her new book relays messages from her teachers, but more importantly it tells her story - a story about a life interrupted by a spiritual mission that continues today.

You may have seen her future map of the US, or even heard her message that "a change of heart can change the world." However, A Teacher Appears gives the reader a peak behind the scenes at the archetypal story of the hero's journey, and may even help you relate to that story in a personal way.

They say that when you're ready, A Teacher Appears. So, the only question then is, "Are you ready?"

Hunt Henion has a PhD in Religious studies and writes on the national level for The Examiner on the subject of "Practical Spirituality" and sustainable economics. He's written four bestselling books and compiled two anthologies. His Bestselling Books include: The Sacred Shift, Co-Creating Your a New Renaissance, Hunt 'N Bunny in Wonderland, The Don Q Point of View.

Great book!
By Alice Dilts
I was happy to find this book! It really helped me to gain a greater understanding of the channeled messages I had received in my own spiritual journey. Glad to see if offered as a digital book to help our Mother Earth!

When the student is ready
By short stuff 
Courageous is the best descriptor for the author and her career of nearly 30 years, bringing the message of prophecy to the public. One can only imagine the courage it took to bring a message of prophecy to humanity, through the I AM AMERICA Material. This personal account of her journey, speaks to each and every one of us, regarding our own willingness to pursue our own heart's desire to be of greater service to the Divine, and thus to humanity. It inspires each of us to follow our hearts to love the Ascended Masters and serve the Divine Plan. The format is glorious! Giving voice to the message, makes the message come alive in so many ways! This format allows the story to speak to the listener in so many different ways. Rich, robust, and resplendent!  Be inspired to live a courageous life, become the readied the material!

I love the back story of her journey!
By Devra Jacobs 
Lori Toye brings me back to the start of her journey in A Teacher Appears, never before discussed in any of her previous books. Its amazing to me how she could embrace something as foreign as discovering she had guides that would and could speak to her about all the earth changes and golden cities. I have seen her maps for over 20 years hanging on walls at different friends’ homes, but until this book, knew nothing of her journey. It's an easy and enlightening read. Not a woo-woo read at all. I really enjoyed it!

Who is Lori Toye?
By Connie Meadows
There is such a resounding ring of truth here that I find it compelling! I plan to purchase more of Ms. Toye's books.

My Apologies
By John S. Volborth 
I'm sorry…This book can NOT be reviewed in one sit down. This is like having an Encyclopedia stuffed into one book. I listen to this audio every night, every night...and I Am still hearing things that are new. I've actually got to go back, rewind, and be "re-amazed!" There is so much to be had that I would say it should be paid for with a hand full of magic beans. Seems like every time I put it down and pick it back up, my understanding has grown and now what I'm hearing again....makes sense. I must say, I'm not a novice concerning the I AM teachings…been at it for over 30 years now and thought I had pretty well exhausted the information. I guess ego was getting the better of me. To say that changes are coming is a misnomer. Changes have been going on for quite a while now, and if you'd like the answers to why you may have been experiencing changes in your life, here are the answers. Do yourself and all those around you a favor, gather up this information and then....Pass it on! 

What an amazing journey!!
By Margarethe J Dobe 
This book is truly a treasure! Part of me wanted to consume it all in one day but the wiser part of me wanted to savor it, which I did. For me, there was so much remembering in the teachings, along with a good dose of discovery and I could feel my self stretching and expanding! I felt a true yearning to be a part of something as sacred as Lori Toye was invited to! I am so grateful that she has been able to share that invitation with the rest of us! If you are on a deep spiritual journey, this book will fascinate, mesmerize, and nourish you as it has me! Thank you Lori! I can't wait to get started on the next one!

Lori Toye recaptured
By Wendy 
If you are familiar with Lori Toye, of the "I Am America" series of books and maps, this book will be informative as to how she received the instruction... And, the reader is able to use the instruction for him/herself by following the imagery. It is on-the- scene recording of her interactions with St. Germaine, and others.

The Assistance of the Ascended Masters
By Elaine Cardall A Teacher Appears lets us know that there is a Divine Plan for a world of peace and prosperity and the Ascended Masters are here to assist us. They have literally gone before us and live in harmony, non-judgment, and service. Accepting a Master Teacher is a way to join forces and learn how to build a New Day of Freedom and Joy for All. The Ascended Masters bring us a global way of thinking and acting. I highly recommend this book!

Established in 1989, I AM America is a small company that publishes and distributes some of the most thought-provoking spiritual information you’ll encounter. Its Earth Changes Prophecy material is controversial and mind expanding, yet, like all prophecy—from ancient times to the present—its ideal purpose is to illuminate the role of our choices in creating the world we experience. Much has changed since 1989 when Earth Changes Prophecy channel Lori Toye and her children first rolled I AM America Maps at their kitchen table. Since her first extraordinary dream of the Map in 1983, as revealed by the Ascended Masters who visited Lori, their prophetic message of change has been featured on NBC, FOX, UPN, The New York Times, Art Bell and London’s Carlton Television. Don’t let the name I AM America intimidate you. It is still just Lori and her husband Len, alongside a small yet dedicated staff of volunteers who print and bind books, record audios, and mail maps.
An Introduction 
to the 
Ascended Masters of the 
I AM America Teachings of 
Lori Toye